Adult Protective Services (APS) works with Highland County’s elderly residents to help keep them safe.

Highland County’s line for reporting elder abuse, neglect (by self or others) and exploitation of Highland County residents age 60 and older is 393-3111 (during business hours) and 393-1421 (after normal business hours).

When calls are received by APS, caseworkers evaluate any risk to the safety and well-being of alleged victims. If they find that there is a risk, caseworkers work with families, social service agencies and other community resources to meet the person’s needs and to improve the situation.

APS caseworkers cannot force older adults to accept help. Mentally competent adults have the right to refuse APS assistance and intervention. APS will also not force competent older adults into nursing homes. When it is possible, APS will work with elderly adults to ensure they receive the help they need to stay in their own home.

All calls to APS are confidential.