Help Me Grow represents an integration of three state and federally-funded programs that were previously administered separately:  Welcome HomeOhio Early Start and Early Intervention.

Help Me Grow is governed by the Family and Children First Council.  The Early Childhood Collaborative Committee provides planning and oversight for Help Me Grow, while the Council reviews and approves significant changes in the program design and assists in addressing important issues.

Services Available Through Help Me Grow: 
(All services have eligibility criteria that a child/family must meet to participate)

Home Visiting Services

  • Ongoing home visits as determined by family needs
    • Prenatal referrals encouraged
    • Education and materials on maternal and child health/development, safety and literacy
    • Information on other community resources
    • Referrals to other programs (e.g. CHIP, Medicaid, WIC, BCMH)
    • Developmental screenings (Bayley ASQ, etc.)
    • Parent/Caregiver and Child Interaction ​

Early Intervention Services

  • Assistance identifying family needs and goals
  • Regular assessment and documentation of progress
  • Coordination of needed and desired early intervention services
  • Service Coordination and Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)


Central Coordination 

Home Visiting 

Early Intervention